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hey [Jul. 14th, 2005|04:21 pm]


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[music |Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn - Hellogoodbye]

i just joined this community. I understand what you mean about soft core punk music. I am also a fan of this. you can check out my intrests and see what bands i like. I have one thing to say about music right now. At my town (watertown NY, like 30 minutes away from Syracuse) all these bands that i have liked forever are all becoming popular. I mean yea sure it's great for the band but waht about us who have been fans forever and look like just another follower who started liking them once they got a hit. It seems like people are just liking the music because it's what's "in." and Frankly i don't appreciate that because i like it for the lyrics and the meaning and the guitar parts...well all i have to dsay for now. o and my name is kenzie hall if you haven't figured that out yet and my nickname is keny...so yea...comment me back or IM me...im always on *keny*

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[User Picture]From: kenzie_the_hall
2005-07-17 06:30 pm (UTC)
lol same here! it makes me look like such a loser and crap when i say i like green day and such, i heard fall out boy on the border and i wanted to puke! lol ive liked all those bands way before they got a single..it really makes me mad sometimes. lol ttyl *keny*
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[User Picture]From: thats__so__tami
2005-09-05 12:20 am (UTC)
i liked them before sugar we're going down was on the radio too...i hope that isn't about me kenz..I LIKE FALL OUT BOY too, i'm sorry if that makes you mad :(

just because i haven't liked them as long as you DOESN'T mean i don't like them. why is that so hard to believe? and i don't like music thats just "in" ..i could give a hoot and i like it for the guitar parts and stuff too, i don't just like them because they're cute...i'm not teenybopperish. I mean I listened to a little less sixteen candles the whole drive to water safari one time, just for the guitar parts.

i hope you aren't mad at me :'(
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